Tooth-colored fillings, also known as composite fillings, are an attractive alternative to traditional metal fillings for two important reasons. The first is aesthetics. When Dr. Tim J. Brooks uses composite filling material on your tooth, it is practically indistinguishable from surrounding teeth, rendering it invisible to others. That’s because he artfully matches the shade of the filling material with your tooth. Another reason is they do not involve the use of mercury, which has long been suspected of having adverse health effects. The dental literature includes patients who have had filling break free and enter the bloodstream through saliva. Although rare, that risk does not exist with composite fillings.

What to Expect When You Receive Composite Fillings

Dr. Brooks needs only one appointment to place your tooth-colored filling. He first removes any decay from the tooth to be treated. Next, he cleans the tooth thoroughly. A special medication is available if you feel uncomfortable while receiving your filling. As the last step, Dr. Brooks places and sets the composite filling material using a curing light. After allowing a short time for the composite resin to dry, you’re free to leave our office and resume your normal activities.

Left untreated, minor tooth decay can worsen, ultimately requiring extraction of teeth. Avoid this unnecessary outcome by having any decay replaced with tooth-colored material, and preserves both your smile and your peace of mind.

Getting a cavity filled is a simple process with tooth-colored fillings. To learn more about this, or any of our other cosmetic, restorative, or preventive dentistry services, just call our office to request a complimentary consultation. We serve patients in Oklahoma City as well as Edmond, Midwest City, Norman, and Yukon. Dr. Brooks listens closely to understand and carefully consider your aesthetic preferences when recommending and planning the course of your treatment.