Because better images mean better diagnoses, Dr. Tim J. Brooks and his team rely upon digital radiography, one of the most innovative pieces of equipment in dentistry today. The machine uses an electric sensor to detect and store digital images of your teeth, jaws, and gums.

Digital radiography also known as digital x-ray, delivers the crispest, most detailed pictures of your current oral health status. Digital X-ray technology permits Dr. Brooks to see things like cavities between teeth or impacted wisdom teeth that might otherwise be missed by visual inspection or traditional x-rays alone.

The Many Benefits and Uses of Digital Dental X-rays

Not only are digital X-rays more comfortable for you, they are more accurate and efficient than earlier forms of x-ray technology. Dr. Brooks has immediate access to the results of your X-ray so he can begin creating a treatment plan without having to wait for film to develop.

But perhaps most important is that digital radiography requires the use of far less radiation than do traditional x-rays.

Early and accurate diagnosis and treatment of dental problems can prevent loss of teeth due to decay, fractures, and other common conditions. We therefore encourage patients in Oklahoma City and the surrounding metro area to contact us for a complimentary consultation.