The Basics of Dental Crowns

You may have heard about dental crowns but wonder what a crown actually is. If so, you’re not alone, and we’re happy to help demystify dental crowns for you here.

When a tooth is decayed or severely damaged, either by accident or injury, the tooth can die. Because the underlying root is dead, the tooth no longer receives the nourishment necessary to maintain a healthy appearance. Consequently, it turns yellow or brown. This can be unsightly, especially if the tooth is toward the front of the mouth. In such situations, your dentist will recommend a crown, which is a dental cap completely covering the tooth to the gum line.

A crown significantly enhances the look, feel, size, shape and health of your mouth.

Not only can crowns restore the aesthetics of your teeth: a crown is a durable dental appliance that is relatively easy to prepare and place, which serves a variety of purposes.

When a Dental Crown is the Right Choice

There are many instances where placement of a crown may be indicated. Examples include:

  • Restoration of a decayed or damaged tooth

  • To repair a tooth that is chipped, broken or cracked

  • To support teeth with large fillings

  • To protect teeth following root canal therapy

  • To support a dental bridge

  • To complement a dental implant

  • To restore the appearance of stained and misshapen teeth

We realize that every patient is different; having his/her own unique needs, wants, and situation. Dr. Brooks carefully reviews his findings and recommendations, then carefully listens to fully understand goals during a completely complimentary meeting. He will, at that time, let you know if he feels a crown is the right solution for you. We’ll start with a complete oral exam, perhaps take some x-rays, and then recommend the perfect crown material. Our offerings range from metal to porcelain, including a blend of the two.

So why not give us a call today to find out more about dental crowns and to schedule your complimentary visit?

It will be our pleasure and privilege to improve your smile in no time, all the while making you feel comfortable, confident and relaxed.

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