Restore Your Smile with Dental Bridges

Missing teeth – especially near the front of the mouth – can lead to feelings of embarrassment and self-consciousness, which can lead to withdrawal in social situations. If you’re looking to restore your confidence and smile, a dental bridge may be your best solution. A dental bridge is a permanent dental appliance, which restores the natural look and feel of teeth. This results in a natural smile with no need for hooks or clasps, plus you can continue to eat and speak without effort.

A dental bridge is secured to adjacent teeth with a crown, which replaces the missing tooth or teeth. Because they are carefully customized and fabricated in a professional dental laboratory, your new teeth blend invisibly with your existing teeth – down to the unique coloring and characteristics. There are several reasons a dental bridge is important. First is that, if you are missing multiple teeth, the remaining teeth will eventually shift position, leading to the real possibility of losing more teeth. That’s why a fixed bridge is such a great solution: it won’t allow your existing teeth to change position. It also keeps your bite consistent, facilitating symmetry of your facial features. If you have a dental implant in place, the bridge can be secured to the implant as a stable and durable anchor.

There are two types of bridges: full and partial. With a fixed bridge, you receive a non-removable appliance, which attaches to the natural teeth, thereby restoring the appearance of your smile by ‘bridging’ that unsightly gap. As its name implies, removable partial bridges can be taken out of the mouth for cleaning and during sleep.

Do you have questions about dental bridges? Would you like to know if they’re a wise option for you? Call our office today and schedule a complimentary consultation. Our team will assess your condition and situation, then let you know if you are a good candidate for this life transforming procedure.