Conscious Sedation Offers Peace of Mind for Apprehensive Patients

Fear of the dentist is not unusual. Well, maybe not of the dentist himself, but of the discomfort people associate with dental care. Because dental anxiety is so common, and it can lead people to delay necessary treatment, which in turn leads to unnecessary discomfort and expense, we go to great lengths to ensure a visit to our office is as comfortable, and comforting, as possible.

That’s why we offer Conscious Sedation as an option.

Dental sedation means anxious patients now have the freedom to receive the care they want, need, and deserve. We offer a calming sedative, administered an hour before your procedure, allowing plenty of time to relax both body and mind. Only when you report feeling completely calm and relaxed does any therapy begin.

Thanks to sedation dentistry, even the most apprehensive patients can now receive the care they need, ranging from teeth cleanings to root canal therapy, and all services in between, all the while feeling relaxed and comfortable.

Oral sedation is a safe and effective method of addressing dental anxiety. Now, you can receive regular preventive care, such as cleanings to keep up with your overall oral health. The sedative wears off slowly, leaving you feeling just like you did when you arrived (perhaps even more relaxed than that). In fact, you may not even remember being treated!

So why not learn more about this option? Call our office today and ask us about oral conscious sedation. You have nothing to lose but your fear.